A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is technology that establishes a secure connection between an assigned OTC laptop connected to the Internet and the OTC network. This connection allows access to file storage areas (H: drive, R: drive, S: drive), OTC printers (Note: Files will print at OTC), remote access to a desktop located on the OTC network, Colleague, Outlook email, and any other OTC resources as if you were sitting at an OTC computer.

Connecting to VPN

  • Select the Wi-Fi icon on the taskbar of an OTC laptop.

  • Choose OTC-VPN.

  • On the next window, double-click on OTC-VPN

  • Click Connect.

  • Enter your OTC username and password, and click OK.

  • OTC-VPN will show Connected. 

Note: Once you are connected, you should be able to access all your OTC software and files.

Disconnecting from VPN

  • Select the computer monitor icon on the taskbar.

  • Select Disconnect.