Office/Outlook 365 on mobile devices

This article will show you how to set up Office 365 mail so that you can send and receive from your OTC email address on your personal mobile device.

There has been an uptick in phishing campaigns and compromised accounts. As a result, OTC no longer supports Basic Authentication, which is used in older third-party email apps. Some newer apps may work, but their use is not recommended. OTC officially supports using Outlook (desktop app, mobile app, or web version) to check your email. The Outlook app has superior compatibility with Office 365 services, and the device default apps tend to run into a password sync error that doesn’t happen in the Outlook app.

For setup instructions, please choose your device type below:

The information you will need to set up the Outlook app includes:

  • Username/email: (Example username for user John Doe)

  • Password:  Your current OTC password

  • Server:

  • Domain:

  • Domain\Username:

  • Account Type:  Office 365

Note:  Some devices have multiple versions of the account types required to activate your Office 365 mail on a smartphone. Generally, the account type will be Microsoft Exchange or Corporate Sync, but may also be Corporate or Exchange. For the Outlook app, always use the Office 365 account type.

Known Issues

  • Problem: Emails hang at "Sending" on Verizon Android Devices.

  • Resolution: Go to Settings > Applications > Application Manager and disable the "Android System Web Viewer"

  • Note: This should not happen in the Outlook app. If you’re using a different app, we recommend using Outlook, as mentioned above.


  • Problem: My app is asking for POP or IMAP connection information

  • Resolution: This is Basic Authentication, which OTC no longer supports. Download the Outlook app and connect using the instructions and information above.