Installing Office 365 on a Personal Computer

What is Office 365?

  • Office 365 includes the latest version of Microsoft Office, including common apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. This is a free install for personal devices for enrolled OTC students and active OTC employees, on both PC and Mac. It can NOT be installed on Chromebooks. If you have a Chromebook, you may find it easier to use Google Suite  (online) instead. The Google and Microsoft Suites both have excellent cross-compatibility.

If a version of Office is already installed

  • Open the Start menu, type uninstall.

    • Choose Change or Remove Program from the suggested options.

    • Locate the software and uninstall

  • In the Programs and Features list, find Microsoft Office XXXX

    • This could be any number of versions, and you might need to repeat this action if multiple versions are installed.

    • Right-Click the select and choose Uninstall.

  • Reboot your computer to complete the uninstallation processes.

How do I deactivate a previous install of Office 365 or move it to another computer?

  • Log in to your Office 365 account at

  • Under the heading Install Office on more devices, click the install link.

  • A screen showing your active subscriptions will show. Click deactivate next to each instance you want deactivated.

Install Microsoft Office365 (on PC or Mac)

  • Go to

  • Log in with your OTC e-mail address (full OTC email address – e.g. and current password.

  • The next screen shown is the Microsoft Office Portal.

  • Click Install Office.

  • Walk through the steps provided by the installer.

Note: Your student or staff Office 365 subscription is only active and free while you are a registered student or active staff member of OTC. Ending employment, graduating, or transferring to another school may result in your Office 365 license expiring, which will require you to sign in with a different Office 365 account to become active. If you wish to purchase Office for personal use, you can visit the Microsoft Store


If you run into errors installing or activating Office365, there are some common things to check that can cause installation and activation issues.

  • Make sure any previous versions of Office365 are uninstalled.

  • Make sure Windows is up to date (run Windows updates until no more updates are recommended).

  • Make sure any antivirus is paused during the install.

  • Make sure you can log into your OTC account (if you can log into MyOTC or you should be okay).

Note: Office 365 is only available for OTC students who are registered for classes, and active OTC employees.

Installation and Activation issues are almost entirely an issue with the PC or network the install is being installed on. The OTC PC Repair Clinic is available to work on personal equipment for a minimal fee.

PC Repair Clinic Contact information:

Location: Graff Hall 105
Phone: 417-447-8113