Cisco Secure Client

The Cisco Secure Client will allow you to access internal OTC resources, such as the R: drive, Colleague, and Perceptive Content, from your OTC-issued laptop while off-campus.

If you do not have Cisco Secure Client on your laptop, you will need to bring it to an OTC campus to be updated or rebuilt.

Table of Contents

How to Connect

To connect to the Cisco Secure Client:

  1. Click on the taskbar dock near the date and time in the bottom-right corner and right-click on Cisco Secure Client:

    The Cisco Secure Client icon is a white circle with navy blue lines through it.

  2. Click on Connect:

    The connect option will show on the list after right-clicking on Cisco Secure Client.

  3. The client will pop up and begin connecting you. If you are not automatically brought to a login screen, click on the Connect button:

  4. A separate window will prompt you for your login credentials. Please use your OTC account to sign in:

Note - you will be prompted to multifactor when signing into the Cisco Secure Client.

  1. Once you sign in successfully, a popup message will confirm your connection to the Cisco Secure Client:

You are now connected to the Cisco Secure Client.

How to Disconnect

To disconnect from the Cisco Secure Client:

  1. Right-click on the client from your taskbar once more:

  2. Select the Disconnect option:


You are now disconnected from the Cisco Secure Client.


If you need additional help, please contact the Help Desk:

  • Email

  • Live Chat

  • Phone Support: 417-447-7548

  • Or visit the IT Service Center in the Jared Family Atrium